ballot statement


Occupation:  College Educator/Council Member

Age:  47

Born at St. Rose Hospital, raised in Schafer Park, graduated from Hayward High, and earned a Master’s Degree in Education and Public Policy from San Francisco State.  I am enthusiastic about our city’s growth, hopeful for Hayward’s economic prospects, and I know Hayward’s best years are on the horizon. As your Mayor, I will act deliberately and bring amenities we expect in great cities, and ensure Hayward doesn’t miss opportunities for strategic growth.  I will plan for the next two generations to ensure families grow in the best neighborhoods possible. I promise to: deliver a budget so neighborhoods can count on high-quality police, fire, and maintenance services; produce stable housing and reliable transit; help businesses to lead in innovation, open easily, and transform low-wage jobs to quality jobs; strengthen city-school partnerships to expand education-to-career pathways; bring more accessible, safe, and fun activities to teenagers; and work to make neighborhoods healthy, with St. Rose Hospital open and prepared to serve.  I respectfully ask for your vote. Hayward deserves a Mayor who will listen to neighbors, and who will champion policies equitable for every neighborhood so families will stay and thrive in Hayward for generations to come.