Mark's Vision


I have lived the whole Hayward experience and my values come from living my whole life in Hayward.  I was born at St. Rose Hospital and raised in the Schafer Park Neighborhood.  I attended Hayward schools and as a Puente Project student I transferred from Chabot College to San Francisco State University.  As your Councilman, I have focused on planning for the next two generations of our families and as your Mayor I promise to deliver:

A balanced city budget so every neighborhood can count on high quality police, fire, and maintenance services.

Stable Housing for all incomes so families can plan to live in Hayward for generations.

Businesses to open easily, expand and grow jobs, and lead in innovation so Hayward has good quality jobs.

Businesses to transform low wage jobs to good jobs for a strong economy that make all neighborhoods healthy and thrive.

Strong city-school partnerships so families can depend on education to careers pathways.

Safe and fun activities for teenagers.

St. Rose Hospital to always be open and prepared to help families grow up healthy and strong.