Service to Hayward



City of Hayward


Hayward City Council Member (2016-2020)
Member, Council's Appointed Officer's Committee (Current)
Member, Council's Budget and Finance Committee (Current)
Member, Council's Technology Application Committee (Current)
Council Liaison, Library Commission (Current)
Council Liaison, Hayward Local Agencies Committee (Current)
Council's Alternate Designee to the League of California Cities (Current)


Hayward City Council Member (2010-2014)
Member, Council's Technology Application Committee (2010-2014) 
Member, Council's Economic Development Committee (2010-2014) 
Council Liaison, Library Commission (2010-2014) 
Council Liaison, Personnel Commission (2010-2014) 
Chabot College Appointee to the Hayward Successor Agency
Oversight Board (2012-2015)
(Formerly known as Hayward Redevelopment Agency)
 Council's Designee to the League of California Cities (2010-2014)
Council's Designee to the East Bay Division of the League of California Cities (2013-2014)
 Council's Alternate to the Alameda County Transportation Commission (2010-2014)



Service to Hayward and

Hayward Neighborhoods


 Advisory Board Member - Eden Area YMCA
Executive Director - The Kids' Breakfast Club
Steering Committee - The Kids' Breakfast Club - Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force Glassbrook Neighborhood Team
Member - Hayward Rotary
Founding Member - Latino Business Roundtable
Member - The 100 Club
Member - Chabot College Puente Project Mentor Advisory Board
Member - Chabot Las Positas Faculty Association
Member - Sun Gallery
Founding Member - Roxanna "Rox" Salinas Dream Fund | Hayward Area Recreation and Park District
Founding Member - Let's Do Lunch Hayward...and breakfast too Committee
Founding Member - Words for Lunch
Member - Hayward DEMOS Democratic Club
Member - Greater Hayward Democratic Club
Member - Measure I Oversight Board