We Endorse Mark!

The City of Hayward is one of the most diverse cities in California and the Bay Area.  As a candidate for the Hayward City Council, I pledge to build a campaign that is representative of the diversity of our city and all of the neighborhoods we live in.  The Mark Salinas for Hayward City Council campaign is truly representative of Hayward and I am pleased that our campaign mirrors Hayward in many ways.  Thank you everybody for your support, thank you for your endorsement, and thank you for your vote.  Together we'll make Hayward better!



Lori Salinas
Alameda County



Lety Salinas
Assistant Superintendent, Hayward Unified School District


Everardo Alamillo
Retired High School Teacher and California Community College Instructor


Aracelica Alamillo
Retired Educator





Honorable Barbara Halliday and Richard Imsdahl
Mayor of Hayward


Mark is truly Hayward.  He was born and raised in Hayward.  While serving together on the Hayward City Council, I observed Mark’s leadership and spirited community engagement.  As a college educator, he has engaged students and their families in the city and more people feel conned to City Hall.  Through his work at the Kids’ Breakfast Club and other neighborhood programs, Mark has shown he truly cares about helping the most important people in our city: our young people.  This is why I am endorsing him.  Join me and vote for Mark.


Mayor of Hayward Barbara Halliday



Honorable Michael Sweeney (Ret.) & Dr. Maria Ochoa

Mayor of Hayward

"As Mayor I could count on Councilman Salinas' commitment and leadership on the tough budget issues all cities faced following the economic downturn of 2007.  Mark listens well to Hayward residents and what we have to say about issues in our neighborhoods and what kind of community we want.  Mark's willingness to listen and provide leadership enables him to stand up to the special interests and do what's right for Hayward."

Mayor Emeritus Michael Sweeney


Honorable Roberta Cooper (Ret.)
Mayor of Hayward



Honorable Greg Jones

Hayward City Council Member

"Mark's first-hand understanding of City issues will serve us well as a City Council Member.  His steady hand during past budget challenges, his knowledge of the City's fiscal situation related to long term benefit liabilities, and a willingness to make the hard decisions necessary to keep the City financially solvent are especially important as the City continues to stare at a significant structural budget gap.  I saw this level of expertise and courage in action during our time as colleagues on the City Council.  When some may choose an easier path, Mark is willing to roll up his sleeves and do what's necessary rather than what's popular.  Voting for Mark will provide the experience, knowledge and vigilance that the City needs to stay on the right path."

Hayward City Council Member Greg Jones



Honorable Marvin Peixoto & Andrea Peixoto
Hayward City Council Member


I've had the privilege of working beside Mark for four years.  In that time I found him to be an unapologetic champion for Hayward.  From his involvement with The Kid's Breakfast Club to his passion for education, his leadership qualities are undeniable.  While on the Council he was resolute in dealing with the tough issues, particularly when it came to fiscal matters, like the City’s budget.  Mark does what’s right for the City of Hayward and he does so with integrity and courage.  I’ve never known him to compromise his values and always found him to be responsive to the community he loves so much.  Mark has the experience, knowledge and fortitude that Hayward needs to keep our City on the right path!  On June 7th please vote for Mark Salinas.

Hayward City Council Member Marvin Peixoto



Honorable Larry Ratto (Ret.)
Hayward City Council Member


Honorable Bill Aragon (Ret.)
Hayward City Council Member



Honorable Paul Hodges
President of the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD) Board of Directors



Honorable Rick Hatcher
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD) Board of Directors



Honorable Minane Jameson
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD) Board of Directors


Honorable Richard Sheridan (Ret.)
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD) Board of Directors



Mr. Julius C. Willis Jr.
Hayward Planning Commissioner
Board Member, Eden Shores Homeowners Association



Mr. Rodney Loche
Former Hayward Planning Commissioner


Mr. Didacus Ramos
Member, Hayward City Council Economic Development Committee



Hayward Mobilehome Owners Association

"Mark inspires the cooperation and confidence of Hayward Mobilehome Owners.  Mark is a proven leader with experience we can trust and count on.  When Mark was our Councilman, he listened to Mobilehome Owners and his votes always protected our quality of life.   The senior population is growing and we need a Councilmember who will listen to mobilehome communities and then work relentlessly to make Hayward safer, stronger, and thrive.  Our community needs Mark Salinas on the City Council because Mark is experienced and he's a strong voice for Hayward, especially the mobilehome community."

Hayward Mobilehome Owners Association



East Bay Times

"Hayward has remained fiscally solvent since the Great Recession by a combination of cuts, employee union concessions, tax increases and dipping into reserves.  Survival required council members to be unified, make tough decisions and hold firm against intense political pressure.  Sadly, the struggle is not over.  So when voters pick...they should look for those who best understand the city's finances and are most willing to make the tough decisions.  For us...former Councilman Mark Salinas."

East Bay Times


Bay East Association of REALTORS®


Hayward Area Elected Officials and Leaders


Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern



Honorable Pat Gacoscos
Union City Council Member


Honorable Jim Navarro
Union City Council Member



Honorable Dr. Hal Gin
Chabot - Las Positas Community College District Trustee



Honorable Dr. Arnulfo Cedillo
Chabot - Las Positas Community College District Trustee


Honorable Isobel Dvorsky
Chabot - Las Positas Community College District Trustee


Honorable Dr. Marshall Mitzman
Chabot - Las Positas Community College District Trustee


Honorable Carlo Vecchiarelli
Chabot - Las Positas Community College District Trustee



Honorable Aisha Knowles
Alameda County Board of Education


Honorable Eileen McDonald
Alameda County Board of Education



Honorable Frank Garcia (Ret.)
Hayward Unified School District School Board Member
California State Wide Executive Director of the Puente Project
University of California, Berkeley


Honorable Grant Peterson (Ret.)
Hayward Unified School District School Board Member


Honorable Betty Moose (Ret.)
San Lorenzo Unified School District School Board Member


Honorable Stephen Cassidy (Ret.)
Mayor of San Leandro


Honorable Ray Rodriguez
Newark Unified School District School Board Member


Honorable Maria Collazo
Newark City Council


Sheryl Boykins
California State University, East Bay Chief of Police


Marlena Uhrik, Ed.D.
Founder, The Kids' Breakfast Club



Nick and Veena Khelawan


We Endorse Mark!

Joyce Dobro

Rose Ellis

Gerry Porras

Vanessa Cormier

Lolita Morelli

Bernadine Temple

Joe Ochoa

Paul Martin

Bob Sakai, ESQ

Aracelia Esparza

David Esparza

Crystal Esparza

Jasmine Esparza

Marcy Timberman

Ed Bullock

Peggy Guernsey

Navpreet Khabra

Paul Gonsalves

Jennifer Gonsalvez

Tina Sanders

Chris Orrey

Grace Coates

Fernando Yanez

Valerie Caveglia 

Paul Sheridan

Angelica Alamillo-Perez

Laura Alamillo, Ph.D.

Louis J. Goodman, ESQ

Ann Racine Bessy

Kelly Greenne

Greg Galati

Estella Santos

Joe and Monica Rock

Bettina Flores

Mabel Villalta

Julin Chen

Dale Burdick

Annette DeJulio

Francis Cheng

Irma Torres Fitzsimmons

Debbie Bradshaw

Zina Fierro

Sabrina Aranda

Marvin Towles

Alpha De Los Reyes

Dan and Marian Kolm

Paula Francoeur

Abraham Mendoza

Lakeisha Jones

Dave Seymour

Jessica Saavedra

Heather Reyes

David Pena

Jasmin Larson

Toni Rediskie

Luis Garcia

Yesenia Garcia

Diane Laine

Guillermo Nevarez

Kristen Nevarez

Lisa and Andrew Towles

Oscar Quiambao

Ana Maria Gonzalez

Itoco Garcia Davenport

Ariel Dolowitch

Jaime Flores

Peggy Guernsey

Sam Tanner

Christian Garcia

John Dutra

John Anthony Dutra

James Houpis, Ph.D.

Monica Rock

Edgar Esquivez

Michael Emerson

Jose Cobos


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